Solarforce M7

The M-Series was specifically designed for law-enforcing officers and other professional users.  It has been winning high praise from the flashlight market and users with its outstanding design and functions.  With our continuous efforts made to achieve improvements, Solarforce now presents to you our latest model of the M-Series: M7.

M7 uses the revolutionarily powerful and long-lasting white CREE XM-L2 LED, which is significantly superior  in terms of power output and efficiency.  Over 90% of the white light emitted from the LED is focused by a precisely-engineered aluminum-alloy reflector with its mirror-like reflective surface. The micro integrated circuit installed stably regulates the output of the flashlight throughout the runtime of each set of batteries. 

Besides the tail-cap switch, M7 has a unique separate output-controlling button for switching the output levels between high, medium, low and moon mode.  In order to facilitate its users, both the strobing and SOS modes are hidden with this button.  The output memory function (please see the operation instructions below for more details) of the tail-cap switch makes the M9 a very easy-to-use as well as convenient tool.

The body of M7 is made of T6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy with precise CNC machines, finished in Mil-spec type III hard-anodized .  The compact and durable design makes the M7 an extremely robust and durable tool under extreme and hostile environments.   The elegant design, powerful output and pragmatic functions of the M7 make it the best option to all professional users.

Specifications and operation manual:

  • Uses CREE XM-L2 U2 flux LED.
  •  made of T6063 T6 aluminum alloy 
  • Mil-spec type III hard-anodized 
  • The anti-roll and anti-slip design 
  •  head fins dissipate heat efficiently.
  • stainless steel bezel for impact-resistance.
  • Smooth reflector for long throw
  • Tempered ultra-clear coated glass lens 
  • Water-proof (IPX-8 standard).
  • current-regulated 
  • voltage range of 2.7 – 9V .
  • Battery type: 18650 battery x 1 or 2 pc.
  • reversed polarity protection .
  • Tail-cap momentary click switch with memory function.
  • The output-controlling button functions when the flashlight is turned on:
    • Applicable to products with serial no. smaller than A0508:
      • Press once repeatedly to switch the output level between: high → medium → low → moon → repeat.
      • Press continuously (for 2 seconds or more)  to switch between  strobe → SOS 
      • Press once under the strobing or SOS mode to resume the lastly used output level.
    • Applicable to products with serial no. equal to or larger than A0508:
      • Press once repeatedly to switch the output level between: high → medium → low → repeat.
      • Press continuously (for 2 seconds or more) and repeatedly to switch between the following modes: strobing → SOS → moon → repeat.
      • Press once under the strobing, SOS or moon mode to resume the lastly used output level.

(note: whenever the flashlight is turned on, it will resume the lastly used output level)

  • Lumens rating and runtime (using 1 or 2 pcs of Solarforce S18650P (V3) batteries):
    • High: 620 lumens / 150 mins or 1000 lumens / 95 mins.
    • Medium: 210 lumens / 7 hrs or 400 lumens / 3 hrs and 50 mins.
    • Low: 25 lumens / 50 hrs or 120 lumens / 13 hrs.
    • Moon-mode: 1 lumen / 1000 hrs or 5 lumens / 300 hrs.
  • Length x diameter (head x battery tube): 
    Using 1 pc of 18650: 149 x 38 x 26mm
    Using 2 pc of 18650: 217 x 38 x 26mm
    Weight: 148g.

 Solarforce accessories that will work with the M9

Solarforce M7

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