TacLites M600-B



  •  USA machined 
  • Aircraft grade Aluminum housing
  • P60 light engine included
  • Emitter: Cree XPL / XPL-HI
  • Voltage range: 2.8v-6volts max
  • Multi-level driver
  • 1 level High (100%)
  • 2 level Low / high (5%, , 100% )
  • 3 level low / med / high 
  • 3S level - low / high / strobe
  • Type 3 Milspec Anodize

*The M600-B battle light is not intended to be a mounted weapon light because of its weight but it will easily fit a 1 inch mount.*


The goal of the M600-B was to be the ultimate EDC carry light, it had to be able to meet the highest demands possible. This light was designed around the best components available but just adding the best components wasn’t enough, the machine work on this light had to be up to American machined quality. This light features a McGizmo McClicky switch and is designed for 18650 LiOn batteries. By using  P60 style engines the light housing is capable of changing out light engines easily and quickly by removing bezel. The M600-B has a known presence in your hand, it is not heavy but you can feel the quality of this light when the need arises for it to shine.

With the ever advancing LED options the MWL-2 uses the versatile P60 style modules. This means that many choices of emitters, tints, even colors, infrared or UV can be coupled with this great light. When using our light engines and this host the light is virtually indestructible.

TacLites M600-B

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